Agile Project Management

Game Changing Beliefs – Agile is Enduring!

Room 1 - Agile Stream 05/16/2017 11:00 am - 11:30 am
Morten Elvang
Chief Project Manager (Agile Transformation Coach), Nordea

The need for innovation, power and speed in implementation is increasing in all areas of modern business and work life. More and more we are pushed into something new and unfamiliar. What we know and used to do no longer seem to apply. Faced with the new and unfamiliar, the established organization around us more and more turns into some kind of prison. Holding us back rather than supporting us in making the best possible contribution and in finding new, uncharted ways to deliver the expected results and secure our future success.

Additionally we are challenged by the fact that most ideas are bad. This in itself is not a problem, except from the fact that we are really bad too in realizing that ideas are bad. We end up investing far too much effort and energy before realizing we are on a wrong track. Earlier this could be hidden in big, slow moving and complex organizations. No longer. We now depend on of our ideas and our ability to get them successfully implemented at speed.

Does any of this sound familiar? Both as employees and as organizations we need to start thinking differently about how we set us self up at work. Join in this session to learn more about how to change your beliefs, to embrace a new game and why this change is something enduring!