PPM & PMO Excellence

How to Escape the Stakeholder Management Maze

Room 2 - PPM & PMO Stream 05/16/2017 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Bryan Barrow
Project and Risk Management Consultant, Nova Consulting

Stakeholder Management is a key leadership skill needed for project management success. However the current emphasis is on identifying and categorising stakeholders so that they can be fed information. This is way short of the real goal of Stakeholder Management, which is to facilitate conversation, representation and the cultivation of relationships, so that projects succeed. In an ever more complex and interconnected world where people and networks are the drivers of change it any wonder that so many seem lost when it comes to knowing how to manage their stakeholder relationships?

Join this session to learn how you can learn how to spend less time fire-fighting, arguing and dealing with difficult people and more time working collaboratively towards the successful achievement of shared business goals. You’ll discover:

    • How to take stakeholders from enraged to engaged in a matter of minutes
    • How to say no to difficult stakeholders without losing your job
    • When to turn on the charm and when to turn up the heat to make people accountable