Agile Project Management

Managing the Expectations of an Agile Transformation: Taking Steps Towards Understanding the Implications of Agility

Room 1 - Agile Stream 05/16/2017 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
Annette Vendelbo
Director, Xvoto

With interest in gaining increased business agility not ceasing to gather speed, and with an ever expanding range of methodologies and systems available to project managers, should we be circumspect in our expectations of agility in a post-transformation environment? Join in this session to hear more about how to not only manage expectations of “agility” within organisations, but also what implications can arise from the longer-term manifestation of Agile practices. While transforming to an Agile enterprise is more than a passing fad, it pays to keep some realities in check!

  • What to expect from an agile transformation – moving from a classic hierarchy to an agile organization
  • How to approach resistance to change, both on the team and the managerial level