Agile Project Management

What If Your Coach Isn’t Really Agile?

Room 1 - Agile Stream 05/16/2017 11:30 am - 12:00 pm
Sam Kishaish
Agile Coach, Softhouse

Your organisation has decided to become more agile, and has brought in a coach to help with this transition. But what happens when their advice doesn’t seem to match what you have heard about agile? What can you do? After all, you brought them in because you’re not an expert on agile, so how can you fact-check what they’re saying?

In this session, Sam A. Kishaish will be sharing his experiences on the habits and potential flaws of ‘un-agile’ coaches, as well as the possible reasons why their methods and advice might not work for your organisation’s agile needs – and of course, what you can do to challenge these habits.